Something very exciting is coming to JD Gyms Preston at the start of January.

Refurbishment work is now under way to transform our existing group exercise studio into a JD BURN studio…. And from January, we will run JD BURN classes!

There is NOTHING like this in Preston and you can only get access to JD BURN by being a member at JD Gyms Preston.

What is JD BURN?

JD BURN is our bespoke, exciting, intense HIIT bootcamp concept. The JD BURN studio is made up of seven zones, with spaces for six people per zone.  You progress through the zones, doing an exercise in each zone, guided by the countdown clock and your instructor.

JD BURN classes are designed to be high energy and intense, but are suitable for all abilities as you can adjust the number of reps, the equipment and the amount of effort you put in accordingly.

JD BURN classes last just under 40 minutes, including the warm up / cool down and are led by our expert instructors and personal trainers.

What exercises are involved? Like a boutique bootcamp, each class differs, but will always be a full body workout.  Within the seven zones you will see a cardio zone with Assault Bikes and a battle rope zone, then within the other zones you will see equipment such as kettle bells, core bags, Bulgarian bags and dumbells. With these pieces of kit you will squat, lunge, snatch and jump. You’ll also do body weight exercises such as burpees, push ups and planks.

Will the existing studio classes still run?  Yes of course, we will still be offering our full, existing range of classes, such as Abs, BodyPump. Boxercise etc,  they will just now be held in the JD Burn studio zone.

How much are the JD BURN classes?  They are FREE for existing members of JD Gyms Preston, as all classes are INCLUDED within the membership. Members will have unlimited access to the JD BURN zone. To access a JD BURN class, you MUST be a JD Gyms Preston member. Membership is from just £19.99 per month, for full access to the gym, saunas, classes and JD BURN zone.

Join JD Gyms Preston now to start BURNing in the New Year. Classes will start the first week in January.