We popped into JD Gyms Preston to check out the new BoxFit class, run by Janusz Kuzniar, a fully qualified Personal Trainer, Boxercise and KickBoxercise Instructor.

What’s BoxFit we hear you cry? 

BoxFit is a full body workout that’s guaranteed to get the heart pumping. The explosive movements required in this class work the body aerobically whilst also developing your fast-twitch fibres / building muscle. Our BoxFit class follows the methods employed in boxing as closely as possible whilst ensuring the maximum amount of safety and exercise benefit to you as a gym member. It has been designed to incorporate active contact without any physical contact

What are the advantages of BoxFit class for general fitness training, you say?

· It’s fun!
· It is a great stress buster
· It covers all aspects of activity – aerobic and anaerobic
· It develops skills including hand-eye coordination, balance, timing and technique
· It works all major muscle groups
· It enhances range of movement, when technique is performed correctly
· It is suitable for both sexes, all ages and levels of ability

Janusz says: “You can of course expect to ‘hit stuff’ in BoxFit… and hitting the pads is the bit people enjoy the most. For those long days at the office when everything has tried your patience and you’re ready to scream, get your hands on some boxing gloves and hit out that aggression!”

Want to give it a go? Check out your class timetable to see when you can attend a BoxFit class

BoxFit at JD Gyms