Government Update on 6 Person Limit



Following the latest Government announcement about social gatherings being limited to 6 people, we know a lot of you have questions about the gym.

The good news is; the Government have confirmed that GYMS ARE EXCLUDED from this rule. It applies only to social gatherings. The purpose of attending a gym is to exercise and improve your health and fitness, which is crucially important at this time. Since attending a gym is not categorised as a “social gathering” we are unaffected by the new restrictions.

You can continue to use the gym safely, following the guidelines on social distancing, and ensuring that you comply with the hygiene measures we have put in place.

All of our equipment is socially distanced based on the latest Government advice and markers on the floor within our studios ensure that participants are spaced out safely during classes. Our classes are permitted to continue running, providing social distancing measures are observed. Classes are considered group exercise, not a social gathering.

We’d like to extend thanks to all of our members for their ongoing co-operation, goodwill and support. We appreciate every single one of you.

See you in the gym soon, as per the new normal!


In the gym we have:

  • Spaced out all of the gym kit to maintain social distancing
  • Installed a number of hand sanitiser gel dispensers around the gym for you to use
  • Created a number of cleaning stations around the gym, where you can use spray and blue roll to wipe down your equipment before and after use
  • Increased our cleaning frequency and staffing to ensure the gym is as clean as possible
  • Reduced class numbers to maintain social distancing and developed ‘re-opening’ timetables to get our classes going again
  • Installed floor markings to ensure people remember to keep their distance in high footfall areas
  • Placed banners and posters around the gym to remind people of the steps we need to take together to keep the gym safe
  • Set alerts on our entry systems to monitor the number of people in the gym at any one time