Keeping Our Gyms Safe

Keeping our gyms safe

As restrictions are gradually lifted, we will continue our efforts to keep all of our gyms safe for members and staff.


JD Gyms in England, Scotland and Wales

On 19th July (England), 7th August (Wales) and 9th August (Scotland) 2021 a number of COVID-19 restrictions came to an end. For us this meant a few positive changes in the gym, but for your ongoing safety, we will be leaving a number of measures as they are.


Saunas are now open – We’re thrilled to be able to fire our saunas back up! We ask that when using them please be courteous and considerate of other members. Please wear the correct attire and sit / lie on a towel as per our existing rules. Our saunas will be checked and cleaned regularly for your safety.


Masks – From 19th July 2021 in England it is no longer a legal requirement to wear a mask anywhere in the gym, however you are more than welcome to do so if you feel more comfortable. Many people will continue to wear masks in shops and so on at their own discretion, so the same can apply within our gyms.

In Scotland and Wales, members and staff are still required to wear a face covering whilst in the gym and not exercising. Once you are ready to begin exercising you may remove the face covering.


Social distancing no longer a requirement – Whilst social distancing is no longer a requirement, we do ask that members continue to be mindful of others.


Cleaning stations & hand sanitiser – These will remain in place as they are. Although restrictions are lifting the virus continues to spread, so sanitisation is recommended before and after using equipment. Our staff will continue with their enhanced cleaning regimes.


Class capacity increased – We are now able to return to normal capacity in all of our classes. Some classes which had been modified to comply with restrictions are returning to their original format.


Class bookings – We will continue to run all classes at all locations without a booking system, but now with extra places available in each class.


Screens between equipment – At certain gyms, Perspex screens were installed between some of our equipment to assist social distancing. We will review the use of these screens over the coming weeks, but initially will leave them in situ. It is likely that we will opt to remove some but not all of these screens so that members in these gyms have an option and everyone can feel comfortable.


Signage around the gym – The social distancing markers are being removed from the floor in the gym and the studios, however we will keep our other COVID-19 signage in place as a reminder to members to exercise caution. We will still make the NHS Test and Trace QR code available for you to scan on arrival.


Ventilation – We will continue to maximise the flow of fresh air into the gym and avoid recirculating air.



Page updated 9th August 2021