MAJOR REFURB now complete


Exciting news! JD Gyms Rochdale has undergone a major refurb where we invested over £300k on improvements and brand-new equipment, including:

Lower Body Plate Loaded Kit:

  • New pendulum squat
  • New vertical leg press
  • New belt squat
  • New leg extension
  • New rear kick
  • New sissy squat
  • New reverse hyper extension
  • New hip thrust
  • New 45 degree back / back extension

Upper Body Plate Loaded Kit:

  • New bicep curl
  • New tricep seated dip
  • New pull over
  • New iso-lateral pectoral fly
  • New iso-lateral lateral raise

New Lifting Platforms:

  • 4x elite half racks

Ladies Gym Kit:

  • New stair climbers
  • New converging shoulder press
  • New converging chest press
  • New lat pulldown
  • New hip abductor
  • New hip adductor
  • New leg extension
  • New leg press
  • New prone leg curl
  • New smith machine
  • New squat rack

Eleiko Area:

  • New Eleiko rig
  • Additional bumper plates
  • New Olympic bars
  • New 5-stack multi-station
  • New Wattbike
  • New air bike
  • New Concept2 bike
  • New SkiErg
  • New booty builder
  • Additional dumbbells

Not a member but want to get your hands on all this incredible equipment?



We can’t wait to see you in the gym soon!