We’re proud to be hosting a bike-a-thon at JD Gyms Rochdale in an effort to raise funds for local youngster, Ellis Robinson.

The ‘JD Gyms Cycle Challenge’, in conjunction with Rochdale Exchange Shopping Centre, will see our members joining spin classes from next Monday 1 August through to Friday 5 August, in an attempt to cycle a total of 5,832 miles, the distance from Rochdale to Rio.

The Team Ellis charity, which was set up in February, is a cause dedicated to raising awareness and funds for 17-year-old, Ellis Robinson, who was involved in a footballing accident earlier this year. Now paralysed from the chest down, Ellis still dreams of playing football professionally and his family are now raising money to help aid his recovery.

Ellis’ mum, Lisa Robinson, said: “Ellis has had a tough time since the accident and although we haven’t been told if Ellis will walk again, with the love and support we will remain focused and positive until Ellis is back on his feet. Ellis has a long journey of recovery ahead of him and the aim of Team Ellis is to make that journey as easy as possible for him.

“For JD Gyms and Rochdale Exchange to show their support through such a huge sporting challenge is truly amazing. On behalf of Ellis’ family and friends, I would like to say a huge thank you to the centre and the gym and good luck to everyone taking part for Team Ellis.”

Caroline Johnson, manager at JD Gyms Rochdale, said it is a real pleasure to show support for Team Ellis. “We will be hosting eight spin classes throughout the week, so all of our members have the chance to come along and contribute to the cycle challenge.

“On Saturday 6 August, we will have our spin bikes down on the Rochdale Exchange mall to cycle the last few miles during the centre’s Rio to Rochdale event. So, anybody who is wishing to take part, but is not a member at JD Gyms, is very welcome to come along and hop on a bike to help complete the ‘JD Gyms Cycle Challenge.”

Lorenzo O’Reilly, Rochdale Exchange Shopping Centre manager, said the whole of the centre team will be taking part in the challenge. He added: “Considering the upcoming summer sporting events in Rio and the passion Ellis Robinson has for sport, we thought teaming up with our gym would be the perfect opportunity to raise funds for such a great cause.”

To donate to Team Ellis, visit: