JD Gyms Uxbridge Kit List

We’ll have a huge array of equipment at JD Gyms Uxbridge catering for all kinds of gym-goers!

We’ve compiled a detailed list of all the great kit you can expect, so check it out and get excited for those workouts.

Don’t forget, 24/7 access is also included in your membership!


Cardio Area
21x Treadmills
5x Cross Trainers
3x Upright Bikes
1x Recumbent Bike
2x Concept2 Rowing Machines
4x Stair Climbers

Resistance Machines
1x Rear Delt / Fly
1x Seated Row
1x Shoulder Press
1x Tricep Seated Dip
1x Arm Curl
1x Chest Press
1x Lat Pulldown
1x Assisted Dip / Chin
1x Hip Abductor
1x Hip Adductor
1x Leg Extension
1x Standing Leg Curl
1x Rear Kick
1x Pendulum Squat
1x Seated Leg Press
1x Seated Leg Curl
1x Abdominal Crunch

5x DAP Cable Stations
1x Core Tower 8 Station

Free Weights Area
24x Adjustable Benches
1x Seated Preacher bench
1x T Bar Row with Chest Support
1 x Olympic Squat Rack
2x Olympic Flat Bench Press
2x Olympic Incline Bench Press
2x Olympic Decline Bench Press
1x Hammer Strength Smith Machine
1x 45 Degree Back / Back Extension
Fixed Barbells 5 – 50kg (Straight)
Fixed Barbells 5 – 50kg (EZ Curl)
Plenty of Dumbbell Pairs 2 – 50kg
Plenty of Barbell Plates

Plate Loaded Kit

1x Hammer Strength Seated Row
1x Hammer Strength Standing Preacher Curl
1x Hammer Strength Shoulder Press
1x Hammer Strength Seated Calf Raise
1x Hammer Strength Lat Pulldown
1x Hammer Strength T-Bar/Low Row
1x Hammer Strength Lateral Raise
2x Hammer Strength Isolateral Bench Press
1x Hammer Strength Seated Row

1x Hammer Strength Linear Hack Squat
1x Hammer Strength Belt Squat
1x Hammer Strength Linear Leg Press
1x Hammer Strength Plate Loaded Smith Machine
1x Hammer Strength Glute/Ham
1x Hammer Strength V-Squat

Glute and Tone Area
2x Booty Builders
1x Back Extension
1x Standing Abductor
1x Standing Hip Thrust
1x Belt Squat
2x Glute Boxes
Plenty of bars and plates!
2x Adjustable Benches
Medicine Balls
Dumbbell Rack
Fixed Barbell Rack
Kettlebell Set

Squat Racks
5x Olympic Half Racks

Functional Training Zone / Track
Eleiko Rig
Full set of Eleiko Olympic Bars and Bumper Plates
15kg and 20kg Eleiko Olympic Bars
Eleiko Deadlift Bar
Eleiko Bar Pads
Set of Eleiko Kettlebells 4 – 32kg
Set of Eleiko Dumbbells 6 – 24kg
Slam Balls 6 – 20kg
Medicine Balls 4 – 12kg
2x Plyo Box
Set of Resistance Bands
Rope Pull
2x Concept2 Rowing Machines
1x Concept2 SkiErg
1x Concept2 BikeErg
1x AirBike
1x Curved Treadmill
Sled with Ropes
Roman Rings
Climbing Rope
Landmine Attachment
Dip Attachment
Battle Ropes

Ladies’ Gym

2x Stair Climbers
1x Cross Trainer
1x Upright Bike
1x Concept2 Rower
1x DAP Cable Machine
1x Abductor /Adductor
1x Hammer Strength Glute/Ham machine
1x Plate Loaded Linear Leg Press
3x Adjustable benches
1x Olympic Half Rack with Platform
Dumbell Set

…And more!

Fancy joining so you can try all of this great kit?

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We can’t wait to see you in the gym soon!

The JD Gyms Uxbridge Team