Should you go LOW CARB in 2017?

How many times have you heard “I’m cutting bread and potatoes out” already this New Year?

A low carb / no carb diet does aid weight loss, but is it the most efficient approach to a healthy and effective weight loss regime whilst working out?

One of our Expert PTs from JD Gyms Preston, Callam Esfahan, took some time out of his New Year training to give us some nutritional advice on the matter:

“Low carb dieting does ‘work’, but it often sees people putting the pounds back on as soon as they stop.  Why? Because although the body’s absolute requirement for carbohydrates is actually zero grams per day, 100-120g of carbohydrate is seen as the bare minimum (practical amount) to be consumed per day. This is because when consumption drops below this minimum, the body’s immediate response is to burn muscular tissue for glycogen (stored glucose), which is an important energy source. Breaking down muscle for energy results in your metabolism slowing down because muscular tissue burns up A LOT of calories.
Also, extreme low carb dieting may mean upping the amount of meat you eat and decreasing vegetables. Ultimately your levels of homocysteine could rise, increasing your chances of heart disease and the immediate side effects of a low carb intake can include feeling tired / lethargic, distressed or physically sick.”

So what does Callam recommend?

“Going super low carb will see you miss out on some great tasting foods like bread and pasta, and you could also be depriving yourself from some essential nutrients. For me,the word moderation springs to mind. Eat a balanced diet and eat in moderation. Combined with a good exercise regime and you will see results.”

For more nutritional advice, speak to Callam or any of the PTs in your branch of JD Gyms.

Happy New Year!