What equipment will JD Gyms Bury have?

Want to know what amazing kit we will have at JD Gyms Bury?

Here’s a comprehensive list so you know exactly what to expect from our game-changing gym!

PLUS…we also have an amazing Spin studio, a huge exercise studio with JD BURN zone,  300+ classes a month and saunas in our luxury changing rooms, ALL included in your membership!


20 x Treadmills
14 x Cross Trainers
4 x Recumbent Bikes
6 x Upright Bikes
4 x Alpine Runners (treadmills with greater incline options)
4 x Step Mills
8 x Concept2 Rowers
31 x Spin Bikes
6 x AirDyne Bikes
2 x SkiErgs

19 x Pin select machines covering all body parts
4 x Functional Trainers/ DAP’s
3 x Racks with Platforms
2 x Platforms
2 x Cable Cross-overs
2 x Smith Machines
2 x Squat Racks
2 x Olympic Flat Benches
2 x Olympic Decline Benches
2 x Flat Olympic Benches
2 x Preacher Curl
18 x Multi Benches
1 x 45 Degree Leg Press
1 x Hack Squat
1 x Leg Extension
1 x Standing Leg Curl
1 x Seated Calf Raise
1 x Wide Chest
1 x Chest Press
1 x Shoulder Press
1 x Incline Chest
1 x Lat Pull Down
1 x Elite Co Functional Rig
2 x Glute Drives
1 x Tyre Flip

Dumbbells – 2kg up to 50kg
Fixed Straight Barbells – 5kg up to 50kg
Fixed EZ Barbells – 5kg up to 50kg

Functional equipment
Kettlebells up to 20kg
Core Bags up to 25kg
Shoulder Bags up to 22kg
Slam Balls up 15kg
Battle Bags up to 25kg
Assorted Resistance Bands
Rumble Rollers
TRX Straps
51 x Studio Pump Sets

Boxing frame with 2 x Punch Bags

Want to get your hands on all this incredible equipment?

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We can’t wait to see you in the gym soon!